Addressing Comments from Committee

Your work does not finish once you submit the completed thesis to the review committee. The committee can provide its feedback on the work, which is able to include their views, also as suggestions for improvement of the report. we have a tendency to help you to handle the comments of the committee through our service for feedback incorporation.You will need to provide us the entire feedback that you just have received, once discussing the same with your supervisor. we are going to review your final research report, in context of the comments and formulate the simplest strategy to include the desired changes. we have a tendency to revise all thesis chapters, once assessing the requirement for a similar and also the impact of such changes.

The comments given by the review committee will relate to the following issues:

  • Lack of academic language and proper format
  • Problems in validity or reliability of data analysis
  • Presence of derived content within the report
  • Improper citation style or inconsistency in citation
  • Lack of relevant references, or but required variety of references in the list
  • Wrong data analysis tools or modules

Whatever be the problem, we are going to assign the best person for making changes and enhance the value of the document.


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