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Research of any type needs multi-tasking and experience within the varied elements of research work. Students often find it difficult to take up research work severally and show experience in all the elements. PhD Box offers the service of a research assistant who would guide the scholar throughout the whole research process smoothly. Research involves looking out of relevant content, organising content, data collection, sorting of data and analysis of data and interpretation of data, formulation of chapters, proofreading and plenty of additional activities.

An assistant would be available to require care of any predictable or fast challenge that arises before of the scholar from time to time. The scholar will completely rely on the data and experience of the learned researcher and feel comfortable that the required task would be handled cleanly. The research assistants available at PhD Box are seasoned in their several field of study and ensure timely and accurate assistance. All this and more is accessible at the personalized requirement of the scholar at the most competitive rates. The scholar will ask for facilitate from the research assistant as and once needed and his question and need would be taken care of with satisfaction at the most affordable prices.

Normally, PhD candidates outsource the following to research assistants

  • Collecting data
  • Collecting related studies
  • Maintaining references through end note files
  • Reviewing and following up for analysis paper publication
  • Formatting
  • Developing an influence purpose presentation
  • Abstract writing
  • Summarizing chapters
  • Data entry
  • Pilot study

We offer research assistant service at the rate of $ 20 per hour. research assistants are typically post graduates and also doing their own research. Through this financial gain typically they're also ready to support themselves during PhD.


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